Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Romance 101 - Week 3


- Take a class/do a workshop together.

Single? Grab a friend and find and amazing class or workshop you can take together. Most workshops will be related to a creative activity (cooking, art, craft goods) or a sport (dancing, fishing, self defence). You’ll also be able to find special interest workshops, such as wine tasting, cheese making or dairy farming. Check newspapers, community centre online notice boards, local council websites, universities, TAFEs and local arts centre websites to find courses that interest you, or just google your area and see what comes up.

Here’s a quick list of things I can think of that would be awesome fun to do.
- Life drawing classes
- Oil painting classes
- Photography classes
- Knitting classes
- Rock climbing classes
- Cooking classes
- Wine tasting classes
- Gardening classes
- Writing workshops
- Dance classes
- Self defence classes
- Wood working classes
- Pottery and sculpture classes
- Defensive driving classes
- First Aid classes
- Craft classes
- Martial arts classes
- Sailing classes
- Yoga workshops
- Better sex/couples workshops
- Digital art/photoshop classes
- Website design classes
- Landscaping workshop
- Renovating workshop
- Massage workshop
- Installing and maintaining a pond or water-feature workshop
- Pilates workshop
- Acting classes
- Singing classes
- Editing digital videos workshop
- Bookmaking classes
- Scrapbooking workshop

I could do this all day. There are so many classes and workshops around—if you can’t find one that interests you, you must be a very dull person!

Dating? If you’re dating, it’s important to find something that interests you both. Or perhaps you can broaden each other’s horizons by each picking a different class and surprising one and other with it. However remember it’s not a punishment, you want to find something the two of you can have fun at together. Getting out and doing something interesting and different will bring novelty back to the relationship and give you something else to talk about. And something like dance, massage or sex classes will likely spice things up in other areas of your life too!

Remember! New experiences and novel activities keep the brain healthy and active. With any kind of relationship, romantic or otherwise, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. We all have our habits and most of us have jobs that keep our schedule pretty consistent. If you don’t mix it up every so often, you might as well be a dairy cow. But workshops not only get us out of the house and somewhere new, they also teach us something and maybe introduce us to a new passion in life!

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