Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Romance Links

I know I haven’t updated for a few weeks.

I’m moving house and still dealing with recent tragedy.

Instead of a post this week, I’m going to link ya’ll to some fantastic articles on romance ideas and romance novels:


Romantic Getaways is an Australian website designed to help you find the perfect romantic retreat in the land downunder. There is a featured retreat and then an option for you to select a state, then further options to select regions in that state to find your dream location.




Romantic love messages is a simple website that lists romantic quotes and flirty messages. Great for writing quite notes to your partner if you don’t know what to say!




This article on Romantic Ideas In Life is a list of 60 romantic proposal ideas. Number 59 is my favourite... I only wish I was a light enough sleeper for someone to do that to me!




Here are ten tips not written by me for women wanting to be romantic for their man.




Here are ANOTHER ten tips not written by me for women wanting to be romantic for their man.




Here is a fantastic list on Good Reads of the top contemporary Romance novels from 2012. If you love contemporary romance, this list should provide you with some great suggestions!




If Fantasy and Paranormal is more your style, here are Good Reads best romances for 2012.




And if you prefer hot guy on guy action, Good Reads has a list for that too!