Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Romance 101 - Week 1

Hello there! And welcome to my first ever blog post.

Every week, typically on Wednesday (Tuesday for the Americans!) I will be writing a new post on tips to up the romance in your life. Each tip will have a solo version for all the single people, and variation for those with a partner. As much as possible, they will be written in a way that is accessible and applicable to men, women, gay and straight people. Romance does not discriminate! Romance is for everyone.


- Post a handmade card.

Single? Go to an arts supply store, collect some old magazines and make someone a handmade card. You don’t need a great reason to send one. Choose a friend or family member who has been sick, overworked, tired, sad or lonely and write a little message that says something like: “This card is to remind you how awesome you are.”, “Just to remind you you are appreciated.” Or “This is for being you.”

My number one best tip here is to google ‘handmade cards’ and look at the image search. Find a design you think is awesome and pretty much copy it, sequin for sequin. Do this before you go to the art supply store, so you know what you’re looking for. You can also spray some perfume or cologne on the card before you post it.

Whoever receives your card will be touched someone was thinking of them. It will make their day and I promise making someone else feel loved will make you feel fantastic.

Dating? Most of us tell our partners we love them every day, however taking the time to not only make them a card, but then to post it will be a charming surprise. It does help if they’re the one checking the mail! Don’t just say that you love them in the card, say that you appreciate them—be specific.

“Thank you for looking after me while I was sick.” Or “Thank you for driving when I had a headache last week.” Will make the card seem more sincere, and it will encourage them to be thoughtful again in the future.


In the same way smiling at a stranger will give you both a rush of endorphins and make you both happy, doing romantic and thoughtful things for others will make your life feel as if it is full of romance. Giving is as good as receiving and I promise the more you give to people, the more you will get in return.

Just remember to give for the sake of giving. If you act only because you want something in return, people will sense it and you’ll be left feeling frustrated and unappreciated. Practise selflessness and the universe will reward you with generous abundance.