Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Romance 101 – Week 13

Romance Tip 13:

- See a Professional Photographer.

Single? Now is the perfect time to commemorate how fantastic you are. Not when you lose five pounds. Not when you have a boyfriend or get that fantastic promotion, right now. Either find a photography studio that does hair and makeup or splash out and go to a salon. Get your hair and make up done, fish out that amazing dress you only wear on special occasions and get your photo taken, exactly as you are now.

Avoid wearing jewellery or clothes that will look dated in a few years and make sure you ask the stylist for a neutral, natural look.

Not only will you come away with gorgeous photos you can look back on in thirty years, but you’ll have a new, fresh image of yourself for online dating profiles, facebook and your blog. Send a copy to your parents for Christmas and don’t be ashamed to frame it and put it up somewhere in your house. You’re gorgeous Who wouldn’t want a picture of you around?

Dating? If you’re still early in your relationship, it may seem a little formal to get professional photos done. However if you last the distance, you’ll be glad you have such a nice memento of your early years. If you’ve been together a while, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some nice pictures done and celebrate the time you’ve spent together.

Photos are some of the most special keepsakes you can have. In emergency situations, they’re usually the first material things people try and save. Not only that, they will last well beyond your lifetime. A few years ago my grandmother died and many of her old photos and slides ended up going to me. There are a collection of professional photos taken at her wedding and they are utterly gorgeous. She looks like she could be my sister.

The photos you take now might not just be enjoyed by you and your children, but your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Remember! Finding the right photographer is paramount. Visit their websites and look at their online galleries before committing to anyone. You want to find someone who matches your own personal style, be it quirky and alternative, or traditional and classical.

Be sure exactly what you are getting for your money. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for alternatives if they don’t offer a package that suits your needs.