Saturday, June 9, 2012

Romance 101 - Week 2

Well, it’s been a tiring week with an icky flu interfering with my editing and blog posting. My head is still full of cotton wool and, well, mucus, but being sick doesn’t mean we can’t still be romantic. In fact, I think when you’re sick, little romantic gestures mean a whole lot more. Being exhausted and achy just makes us that much more appreciative!


- The rainy day snuggle read-a-thon.

Single? Rainy days are the best days, as far as I’m concerned. Take a little extra time to make your rainy day at home a special one. Firstly, take the phone off the hook (and put mobiles on vibrate) and disconnect the modem. Lay out a good book, a fluffy blanket and a nice drink. Set up some candles, preferably scented, somewhere they are within your sight and can’t light anything on fire. Make sure you have good reading light.

Is there anything more romantic than curling up for a decadent day of reading, sipping cocoa and listening to the rain? If your chosen book is a sassy romance, even better! Escaping into another, more exciting world is my favourite way to spend a day. Live the life of your favourite heroine and daydream the entire afternoon—and don’t let yourself feel guilty about the housework you’re ignoring! Who knows, you might even come up with an idea for your own novel.

Dating? The best thing about dating is doing all the same things as a classy single girl, but with your partner there to warm your feet. Curl up somewhere and read together. Who knows? If you’re both reading something with a bit of ‘spice’ you might end up using the sofa and blankets for something else entirely…


Reading books creates more neural pathways in the brain—literally making your smarter as you read. Also, there are some studies that suggest that cocoa is good for you, so you might as well eat some chocolate too. Time out, real time out, without any stresses or responsibilities is even better for you, and you deserve it.

Today’s tip is both romantic AND good for you.

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