Thursday, August 10, 2017

To Be Read Pile: Blue Line - Bo Driscoll & Dawne Walters

Patrick ‘Neiler’ McNeil, defenseman for the Atlanta Spartans hockey team is well on his way to the ‘Big Show.’ He has it all…looks, personality, talent, supportive family and the best teammates a guy could ask for.

What he doesn’t have? A woman to his life with. After a steady stream of bad dates, Patrick is ready to swear off women. That is until he sees her across the room…

Jane Sanderson is getting over a betrayed heart. Her ex left her with no money and no car. Abandoned. The last person she wants to get involved with is a hockey player. Yet, where better to run into one than the place she works, BLADES Sports Bar, where she sees him....

When the very charming and seductive Patrick sets his mind to something, he wins. Jane finds herself falling for him more and more each day with the things that he does for her.

At the peak of their happiness…her ex comes back to town hell bent on destroying her happiness.

Where there is pain, there is healing. Where there is ice, there is hockey…and that’s where it all began.

Worst Line:  I slide my hands up to his hips and feel the indentation, the cut of his abdomen. What I call cum gutters. I know better, but that's what I call them.

I want you to go back and read that line again. Really read it. Absorb it into your soul. And the next time you read something that clunks or hear a line of dialogue that doesn't work, I want you to think to yourself 'At least it wasn't cum gutters'.

This book was bad, but it did have one redeeming feature: the hockey sequences are pretty ace. I've done a lot of research about hockey books in the last few months and in an environment that is mostly filled with players going to their lockers to get 'the things they need to get' all of the hockey sequences in it feel real and varied and like they might have been written by someone who not only enjoys the game but has played before.

The plot is meandering and without any real drive until it commits the cardinal sin of having a major conflict that could be resolved with a text message. The sex scenes included the phrase 'cum gutters' but did involve a faintly hilarious sexcapade that involved spreading a blanket on centre ice and no frozen genitals.

If you want to read a few good sports scenes surrounded by poorly written, barely proof-read prose that weaves between boring and mildly offensive, this is the book for you.

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