Friday, July 6, 2012

Romance 101 – Week 6

I’m getting pretty excited. My first book is released on the 23rd of this month! There are already reviews up around the place and a few give away competitions happening. It’s so wonderful and surreal! Anyway, on with the blog:

Romance Tip 06

- Leave a special message in a book.

Dating? Write a short, sweet love note for your partner and slip it in the book they are reading, a few chapters ahead of their bookmark. Just a simple ‘I love you’ will be enough to make them smile. Take the time to make sure the paper is cut nicely and not torn and aim for legible penmanship. You could even sprits the paper with your signature perfume or cologne.

Does your partner only read on an e-reader? You can do the same thing by flipping ahead a few pages, and writing a note—if the e-reader has that capability. Most do, but I recommend you google exactly how to do it, depending on which device your partner has. Make sure you add your name!

Single? Write a short note to a friend, reminding them they are beautiful and talented and slip it in the book they are reading when they aren’t looking. Be sure to put their name at the top and your name at the bottom. You never know, it might be the book their partner is reading, and that could get you into all sorts of trouble!

You can do the same on their e-reader, if it has the capability. You could even lend them a book and slip the note in before you give it to them.

Remember! These notes can take a little while to find. I’d been holding off telling a boyfriend that I loved him and had told him on no uncertain terms that I didn’t want to hear him say it first. Eventually I leant him a book with a note in it confessing my affections. It took him two weeks to find it—and then he called me at 2am in his excitement. It took a lot of self control not to ask how he was going with the book, but it was all worthwhile.

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